Aubrey Hess Video

Projects: Branding / Web design / Script writing / Video / Marketing

When creativity strikes in the middle of a whacky dream, sometimes you just have to take it as a sign and run with it. The first attempt at the script was pretty late in the evening, so when I went to bed that night, my brain was still thinking of the project.

My friend Aubrey Hess is a super fun Realtor. I just love her personality and want to make sure we were able to show people that buying or selling a home can be a great experience (with the right agent). She happened to have this interesting (and funny) pillow, which sparked the idea. Thanks to Aubrey, her friends Susie, Zane and their baby, the handsome man pillow, and my cat for being super fun.

Check out the new website I created for her too. It’s turned out so awesome!