Link the Docs

Projects: Animation video / App landing page

Link the Docs is a phone app that was dreamt up by Dr. Luke Nordquist. I See It Ventures and iGroups Creative partnered up with him to make it happen. We enjoyed working with them on this project! If you are a physician, this app will help you tremendously! We did the animation and Dr. Nordquist did the script. (iGroups developed the app). We also helped design the website.

Message from iGroups:

“I truly appreciate working with Jess. She has assisted us in a variety of creative capacities. Her skills and talent in every case have always contributed to results that exceed our expectations. In addition, we have involved her in projects that have presented some very demanding conditions, and she has delivered in glowing fashion! We owe her a debt of gratitude for helping us provide grand solutions to our clients.”

––David Sutter, iGroups