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Glowing Door was started by Jessica Headlee (the one with the epic hair toss) as a small multimedia business in 2012. The name Glowing Door came from the idea that so many businesses, of all sizes, have a common struggle – getting a sustainable amount of customers to their door (or website, etc.).

Your potential customers likely have other options. We help guide their path to you through a thoughtful experience from start to finish. Since you can’t change the number of doors (competition) they could choose from, lead them to you with a unique value proposition and a strategic marketing plan, then give them an outstanding customer experience to make their choice to stay an easy one.


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Client experiences:
Aubrey Hess (branding, website, video)

I’m not sure I can ever thank Jess and Glowing Door enough for completely changing my business. I have been a Realtor for 8 years, and every year that passed, I saw a greater need for a prominent presence online and with social media. Many of my clients use online media as their sole method of searching for homes and staying in contact with me, so I needed a punchy website that reflected my brand and personality. And boy, did Jess deliver! I am embarrassed to admit that I am not terribly tech-savvy, but Jess held my hand through the development phase and taught me everything I needed to know to keep my site current and proactive in harnessing new clients. Within 10 days of my new website being active, I had 5 new client leads! I really couldn’t have imagined the impact this would have had on my business, and I’m kicking myself for not enlisting Glowing Door’s services sooner. I am a huge fan!! –Aubrey Hess, Realtor

Radiant Research (videos +)

I’ve worked with Jess for over a decade. I’ve acquired several companies and Jess is my reliable, creative, go-to designer even though I have a marketing department. I couldn’t even tell you how many projects she’s done for me over the years… Videos, websites, logos, ads, copywriting, business naming, everything. She takes ownership in each project as if it were her own company. In our newest companies, CRA and Radiant Research, she’s helped us tell the story of our business through video. The videos we recently created truly set us apart and helped us land incredible partnerships. We’ve grown from 6 locations to now over 75 locations nationwide since 2007. Thank you, Jess for your commitment to helping my companies grow. –Mark Hanley, CEO, Radiant Research (and many other companies)

Paragon Dental (brand, video, website)
“Thank you Jess for making us a web site that is alive, and captures all that we are and believe. It has been fun working with you! You have so much energy and vision! You went above and beyond what we had hoped for in a web site. I seriously had tears after watching the video you made on our web site! Wow! Its awesome! The pictures you took and the video, were very nice quality. You are extremely talented! Everything on the web site is easy to get to and works nicely when viewed on an iPhone or iPad. It flows, and is easy to navigate. All the things and more that you had promised! I love even more that it will always be unique to us. Thank you for the time you dedicated to get to know my business, time to get to know what message we wanted to pass onto people who visited our site. It really represents Matt and I. I know you worked hard on all the details, even the colors have symbolism and mean something to us. Our starfish logo has symbolism for Matt and I. You not only made us an awesome web site but also provided us with new branding, a new image of our business. That’s huge! Your sense of style is classy. Our new image says a lot. We’ve have had great feedback from our patients and everyone who’s seen it. I can’t explain in words how this has changed how we view ourselves as a business. Matt and I as doctors and my dental team are grateful to have a site that expresses our desire to help others be healthy while “making a difference.” Thank you for our amazing web site!” – Dr. Torres-Carter “Jess, I want to pass on my own thank you to you for all the work you did for us. In some ways this was the hardest thing we’ve done for the office and you made it easy! Thank you for staying positive the whole time and making a difficult thing fun and exciting! I’d recommend you to anyone because of your work ethic, talent and professionalism! Thank you for everything you’ve done! ” Sincerely, Dr. Matthew Carter, DDS
Wowclowd (animation video)
“I have so appreciated the hard work, creativity, and expertise that Jess brought to our project! In the midst of all the competing noise, Jess has a way of creating media that catches and holds the attention of your target market. Our tool was successfully portrayed as cutting edge while the primary use benefits (which can be complicated to communicate) were summarized quickly and easily in memorable fashion. In today’s virtual, remote workplace, stand-out media representation is a necessary ingredient of your website, your sales & marketing strategy and your image. Glowing Door has delivered time and again and we look forward to continuing our work with them in the future. ” – Carey Gille, WowClowd / WowInsights
iGroups (multiple projects)
“I truly appreciate working with Jess. She has assisted us in a variety of creative capacities. Her skills and talent in every case have always contributed to results that exceed our expectations. In addition, we have involved her in projects that have presented some very demanding conditions, and she has delivered in glowing fashion! We owe her a debt of gratitude for helping us provide grand solutions to our clients.” –David Sutter, iGroups
Link the Docs (website, animated video)
“Glowing Door has provided us valuable collateral for our start-up in order to clearly communicate the product we’re launching for physicians. The site and video are clean, professional and perfectly align with our audience.” – Ty Delley, Link The Docs
Strevey Dental (branding, website)
“The experience, expertise, and creativity of Glowing Door have helped us position our practice to attract and retain new patients to our practice. Today’s ‘shoppers’ are looking on the internet and Glowing Door knows how to attract and develop new viewers to our website.” – Philip Strevey DDS

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