Uncomplicated Marketing for Your Evolving Business

Cut ties with the unpredictable, scattered marketing methods that will only complicate your business and cost you customers. We’ll help you get a sustainable flow of customers and an excellent reputation in your market.

At Glowing Door Multimedia+Marketing, we customize a complete marketing path for your business to convert your ideal clientele into happily paying customers. We align your message, brand and marketing with their biggest wants and needs to provide them with irresistible value throughout their experience with you.

You’ll love how all of the pieces connect and work together to multiply your ROI while reducing the time and money you spend to get and keep customers.

  • Uncomplicated Marketing
  • Unified Messaging

  • Outstanding Branding

  • Video that Connects You to Your Ideal Clientele

  • Web Design that Converts Users into Customers

glowingdoor marketing get a yes at every step

Unified Messaging

Is your message clear, compelling and consistent throughout each medium you use to promote your product or service? Put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes for a moment. Is your marketing message guiding them through an effortless path to choosing your business? Does every step of your messaging confidently lead them to the conclusion that they’d be crazy if they didn’t choose you? We’ll help you get more ‘yeses’ at every step.

Outstanding Branding

Branding isn’t just a logo, slogan or color scheme. Branding your business goes beyond what the eye can see. Consistent branding across your business creates value, recognition, and trust, which makes it easier for people to choose your brand when they are ready to buy.

glowingdoor branding
glowingdoor video

Video that Connects You to Your Ideal Clientele

Multiply your marketing efforts by delivering your message with video. Build instant credibility and trust when you plan out your message to engage and educate your audience. This will help calm their qualms, put their guard down and feel comfortable doing business with you. There are hundreds of ways to make video work for you. The stats are in. Video works.

Web Design that Converts Users Into Customers

It’s your least expensive employee, works around the clock, and can return the greatest results. But, before spending money on getting visitors to your website, it’s important to create the best user experience and conversion process so your traffic generates more revenue.

glowingdoor web design

Who Do We Work With?

We are a small and busy group. We love what we do. We’d like to keep our prices fair and our clients happy, so for now, we are only taking on a few clients at a time. Therefore, we have to be selective with who we can work with. We’ve worked with individual entrepreneurs, small family businesses, startups, national corporations and even non-profits. It’s not the size of the company, it’s the circumstance they are in that we look for. Here’s some characteristics of people and projects we usually work with:

These are not requirements to be our client, they are just some common situations and characteristics of some of our clients. We invite you to tell us about your situation to see if we can help you. If for some reason we aren’t a fit, then we’ll be happy to offer you some suggestions to help you.

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