6 ways to use video

  1. Introduction Video: This one is popular for small businesses that want an edge over their competitors. Anyone can post a professional photo online (usually photoshopped) and paste some text (that could be written by someone else) on their website about their company and introduce themselves to their potential customers. But to earn their trust, the next best thing to an in-person introduction is using video. When someone can see your face and hear your voice, they feel more comfortable when meeting you in person, as if it’s the second time they’ve met you.
  2. Demo your product or service: You know that hesitation you get when you are considering purchasing a product or looking for a new service, but you just don’t have enough information to go on. You just aren’t sure if it will work or what to expect. Just a few minutes on video explaining your product or service, how it works and what the customer can expect from working with you can help tremendously when you’ve got customers on the fence.
  3. Answer Frequently Asked Questions: This could be used on your blog to help with questions that you hear frequently from your customers. Since most people type questions into Google’s search engine, and videos tend to rank high in search engines (if done properly), as a result, these types of videos can help you rank quickly on search engines. Yay for your customers getting their questions answered! Yay for your business being able to be in front of them when they were looking!
  4. Video tutorials: Youtube and Google are filled with tutorials, demos and instructional videos because they help people. You don’t have to give away your secrets, just help your audience learn something valuable and they will love you for it. Again, also helps with search engine rankings. These are similar to demo videos, but can be slightly off topic, but compliments your offering. Example: If you offer tax services, your tutorials could be how to organize their files in an easy to follow system. This helps you and them!
  5. Short commercials on Youtube via Google Adwords/Youtube Remarketing. Notice the stats on how many people watch videos? The best part about online commercials is that you can narrow your target audience down much more than you can with TV. The cost is considerably cheaper than TV and can deliver more targeted results.
  6. Testimonial videos: When you have a happy client, and their story can relate to your ideal customer base, ask them if they would be willing to do a video testimonial for you. You don’t want to pay them to do it, but as an incentive for helping you, you could thank them with a gift. Make sure they sign a release stating that you can use it on your website or within your marketing.