Wowclowd Animation Video

Wowclowd is a brilliant startup. To the average person it may seem like a confusing little product, but it’s one of the hottest new products available for cable testing and a revolutionary product in the industry. Wowclowd was winner of Best Product Launch at BICSI 2014.

I love working with iGroups, they are always doing something big! iGroups hired me to do this animation to describe their software and product before the product was available. The product of a new product like this takes quite a bit of time, so they needed something to show potential customers to get the industry leaders excited. It has worked really, really well.

Here’s some comments from Wowclowd and iGroups Creative:

“I truly appreciate working with Jess. She has assisted us in a variety of creative capacities. Her skills and talent in every case have always contributed to results that exceed our expectations. In addition, we have involved her in projects that have presented some very demanding conditions, and she has delivered in glowing fashion! We owe her a debt of gratitude for helping us provide grand solutions to our clients.”
–David Sutter, iGroups

“I have so appreciated the hard work, creativity and expertise that Jess brought to our project! In the midst of all the competing noise, Jess has a way of creating media that catches and holds the attention of your target market. Our tool was successfully portrayed as cutting edge while the primary use benefits (which can be complicated to communicate) were summarized quickly and easily in memorable fashion. In today’s virtual, remote work place, stand-out media representation is a necessary ingredient of your website, your sales & marketing strategy and your image. Glowing Door has delivered time and again and we look forward to continuing our work with them in the future. “
– Carey Gille, WowClowd / WowInsights