Finding Pharma Video

Starting from scratch is pretty fun sometimes. It helps to really dig in to the target audience, define the company’s goals and messaging. We started with the logo & colors, then wrote all the content, created their website, video and branded their social media sites. It was a fun one! All in less than 3 weeks! A special thanks to for helping coordinate and film the interview footage.

This is the intro to the full video. Normally stock footage is out of the question, but this coordinated well with our story and really saved our client some big bucks in production costs. We wrote the script for the interview footage on the full video, did the video editing and the font animations. (+ plus their website, logo, colors, content and more).

Here’s the full video:

Review From Finding Pharma:

“Glowing Door is second to none when it comes to design work! They truly make their artwork come to life which allows for an amazing user experience. They definitely exceeded our expectations and were able to create a website and video that not only explained our vision but took creativity to a whole new level in getting our client base excited about who we are and what we can do. Glowing Door was also great in consulting us in building our business from the ground up. From business cards to having a social media presence, they truly do it all. They take the time to really get to know their clients in order to create a unique product that is perfectly fitting for you and your business. There is no doubt I would recommend Glowing Door to anyone-I know you wouldn’t be disappointed!”

–CJ Anderson, Vice President Candidate Placement, Finding Pharma